Artichoke: Where to Plant and What Type of Soil it Needs

Artichoke plants aren’t just delicious, they are beautiful and unique.  So if you want to incorporate them in your garden, it won’t be a surprise.  But which part of your garden is most suited to plant artichokes?  And what type of soil should you use to make it thrive?

Where to Plant

Being a fairly large plant, the artichoke will take up a bit of space in your garden.  This ferny-looking thistle can grow as big as four feet in height and about eight feet wide.

They can be grown in rows as informal garden dividers or as a wide border.

When choosing the perfect spot to plant your artichoke, you should base your selection on where the sunniest but most sheltered area in your garden is.  Artichoke plants love the sun, though they do not appreciate extremely hot – or extremely cold — temperatures.

You can also start growing an artichoke plant in a large container.  For just one plant, the size of your container should have a capacity of two cubic feet of soil – at least 20 inches deep and 40 inches wide.

The container should also have large holes at the bottom to facilitate ample water drainage.  Take note though that they don’t do well in pots for very long.

What Soil to Use

Artichokes do well in most any type of soil, poor or not.  But if you want your plant to really thrive, it’s best to use soil that is fertile, loose, well-drained and with a neutral acidity.

They also demand more nutrition as they mature, so you should regularly fertilize and water the soil.

But of course, it’s not always that we have the best kind of soil in our garden to grow any kind of plant that we want.  If your soil is sandy, try adding manure or well-rotted garden to it to increase its nutrient content.  It will also improve the soil’s texture and make it hold more moisture.

You should use soil that has a pH level of 6 to 6.8 if you plan to grow your artichoke in containers.  Refer to the package instructions on how to mix fertilizer to the soil.

Artichokes may also be planted in raised beds and in vegetable garden beds.