Can Artichokes Be Frozen?

With a few minor conditions, even thistles as intimidating as artichokes can be frozen and stored away.

But how can one freeze artichokes?  Can it simply be popped in the freezer?  How long will frozen artichokes last in the fridge?

If you have just bought artichokes from your local greengrocer and you’re wondering how to freeze them, the first thing you have to know is, blanched artichokes last longer in the fridge than those stored fresh.

So if you’re not planning of using the artichokes for the next couple of weeks, better blanch them first before freezing.

Wash the artichokes thoroughly in cold water and blanch them in lemon juice (about half a cup), a tablespoon of ascorbic acid and two quarts of water.  Immediately doing this would prevent discoloration from happening.

Wait up to five minutes before putting them on a towel to dry.

Before putting them away in the fridge, you can either use tray packs or dry packs to store the artichokes.

For dry packs, make sure that your container will not crack under extremely low temperatures.  Also make sure that it is vapor and moisture-resistant.  You can use freezer-grade plastic bags, glass containers or heavy-duty aluminum foil to store your artichokes.

Maximum storage time of artichokes that have been blanched first before being frozen should be from six to eight months at 0 degrees.

If you want to freeze your artichokes raw, that is also possible.  However, they will not store as long as blanched artichokes.  Maximum storage time of fresh artichokes should be between three to five days only.

To prepare fresh artichokes for freezing, do not cut or wash the artichokes.  Sprinkle them instead with cold water and put in an airtight plastic bag.  Then, simply store them in the fridge.


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  1. Angela Manetta says:

    Can I freeze artichokes after they have been stuffed with bread crumbs and cooked until tender? What will they be like ? How do I reheat them and how?ex: oven micro wave just defrost?