How Long Will it Take to Grow an Artichoke?

Now that you have sown your artichoke seeds and watered them, you may wonder, how long will it take for your artichokes to grow?

That would depend on where you’re at and the variety of artichoke you are trying to grow.  Typically, artichokes grown from seeds do not produce any buds during their first year.  Or when they do, they are very small and of poor quality.

When they reach their second year, each artichoke plant should produce 24 up to 48 flower buds from late winter until the middle of the summer season.

Artichoke plants are perennial and if they are in the right climate conditions — in zones 8 to 11 — they should produce flower buds for several years before needing to be replaced.

From being sown, artichokes take about 150 up to 180 days to mature.

However, just recently, a new variety of artichoke has been cultivated.  It’s called Imperial Star and this cultivar grows faster than other ordinary artichoke types.

Just 90 days after sowing the seeds, you can already harvest edible flower buds from it.  It also does not require too much vernalization or chilling.

Only the Pacific Coast and in mild Mediterranean climates are ideal for growing artichokes.  Other areas with temperatures below 20 degrees are not tolerated by this plant.  If you live in an area with this kind of climate, start growing artichokes indoors from offsets.  Just transplant it outside after all the dangers of frost has passed.

Extremely hot climate on the other hand will make the flower of the artichoke open prematurely.