How Much Space Do I Need to Grow Artichokes?

If you have plans of growing artichokes in your garden and are wondering how much space you need to grow them, the answer is: plenty.

Indeed they take up a lot of space.  This perennial member of the daisy family with big and gorgeous purple flowers can grow up to four feet in height and six feet wide, not counting the bloom stocks.

Yes, they have a large wingspan; huge serrated foliage that takes up space.  Better plant them at least four feet apart.

But size aside, artichoke plants are easy enough to grow.  You won’t have too many problems cultivating artichokes whether you plant to eat them or just use them as ornaments.

Mild coastal climates are perfect for growing artichokes.  If you live in areas with colder temperatures, this thistle may need some protection from frost.  Find the sunniest area in your garden with a well-drained soil for them.

You can also grow artichoke plants in pots though they won’t be as large — but still pretty big compared to most flowers of its kind.  Use a pot about 12 inches wide and 15 inches deep.  The chokes can grow a good eight inches beyond the edge of the pot.

Like cardoons, artichokes are excellent beginner plants – they germinate and transplant easily.  Plant each one with a square meter of growing space in the sunniest place you can find in your garden and they will literally grow like weeds.