How to Grow Artichokes

Spreading like a large, silvery green fountain, artichokes make a unique attraction to any landscape.  If you have seen how beautiful artichokes look in someone else’s garden or you have already tasted its delicious buds, you may want to know how to grow artichokes in your own space.

You can begin your artichoke garden with seeds, shoots taken from existing plants, or with dormant roots.

If you’d like to start on seeds, you can directly seed it into a four-inch container and place it under fluorescent lights.  They also need plenty of nutrients so keep the soil fertilized as they grow.  Artichokes don’t do well in pots for very long so try to get them into your garden as soon as you can.

After eight to ten weeks, when the seedlings grew to about eight inches tall with a few mature leaves, you can transplant them outside where it’s sunny.  Make sure you do this after all the dangers of hard frost have already passed.

You can also use rooted shoots to grow artichokes.  However, you will need to have a friend who has a plant to share with you.

Remove a rooted shoot from an existing artichoke plant using a knife.  Separate the shoot from the stem at the base.  Dig in deep using a spade to get beneath the roots.  Do this in the early spring and replant with about four feet of space in between each plant.

If you live in a place that is colder than Zone 8, start new plants each year.  But if your area has mild winters and cool summers, artichoke plants may be cultivated as perennials.