How to Store Artichokes

Artichokes are not like other vegetables whether it in form, taste, cultivating and even storing.  You can’t just pop them in the fridge and cook them whenever you feel like it.   Although they can be packed and stored away, there are a number of things you should know about if you want to have stored but edible artichokes.

Top on the list:  you cannot store raw artichokes.  You can only freeze them after they have been cooked.  If you do, they will lose their green color and will have poor taste when you finally cook them.

Blanched Artichokes

To prepare whole artichokes for storing, take out all the outer leaves including the choke.  Wash in cold water and remove excess water.  Then, blanch the artichokes in half a cup of lemon juice, a tablespoon of ascorbic acid and two quarts of water.  This will avoid discoloration.

Blanch for three up to five minutes.  Larger artichokes will have to be blanched a little longer.  After that, put artichokes on a towel to dry.

You can use tray packs or dry packs to freeze artichokes.  When using tray packs, place the artichokes on cookie sheets facing side up.  If you plant to use dry packs, transfer the artichokes in a container that is vapor resistant and will not crack under low temperatures.  Also make sure not to pack them too tightly together.

Artichokes that had been steamed can be wrapped in heavy-duty foil as well and be placed in freeze-grade plastic bags for freezing.

Frozen under 0ºF, your artichoke should last from six to eight months.

Fresh Artichokes

You can store fresh artichokes but it comes with a couple of warnings and instructions:

Do not cut or rinse the artichoke prior to storing.  Instead, just sprinkle them with a little water before placing them in a plastic bag that is airtight.  Seal the bag.

Artichokes stored this way should last from three up to five days.

However, if you really want real fresh artichokes, they should be used immediately after purchase.


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