Is There Such a Thing as Prepared Artichoke Hearts?

If you want to eat artichokes but would like to avoid the effort of prepping them up, worry no more.  You can buy prepared artichoke hearts.  Now you can get to experience the delicate taste of artichokes, minus the fuss of cleaning one.

Why Prepped Artichokes are Popular

A lot of people have never tasted artichokes.  Or if they have, they avoid buying them in supermarkets because it takes effort to prepare them.  Artichokes look quite intimidating, too, but cooking it is really simple.

However, if you don’t want to learn the technique of getting into the heart of an artichoke no matter how easy it is, you can always resort to ready-prepared artichoke hearts.

Prepared artichoke hearts come already marinated in jars and cans.  “Prepared” means the fuzzy stuff or the “choke” at the center of the flower bud has already been conveniently removed.

There’s no need to peel, pull, cut, or slice to remove the inedible parts.  Just open the can and they are ready to be used right away.

What to Remember When Buying Prepped Artichoke Hearts

When buying prepared artichoke hearts – whether in cans, jars, bottles or even frozen — remember to look for a variety that has been packed in brine instead of oil.  Oil makes the taste of artichokes strong and the texture greasy.

Its calorie and sodium content is also higher, plus it has saturated fat and flavor enhancers.

However there are some brands that offer low sodium prepared artichokes.  But whether you choose the one in brine or in oil, remember to pour the liquid off, draining and rinsing the artichoke before using it.

Frozen artichoke hearts may not have the exact taste of fresh artichokes, but they do not have additional ingredients that may be dangerous to your health.  Make sure to follow the cooking directions at the back of the package before using them.