When are Artichokes in Season?

You may be one of the many people who have discovered the pleasure of eating artichokes and are wondering when it’s in season.

Depending on where you live, the time may be right now.

Artichokes may be available all year round, but their best season starts in spring, then summer and ends at fall.

Although this gorgeous thistle is prolific in Mediterranean Europe – they have artichokes that grow in the wild — it is only grown and cultivated in some parts of the United States that has the most suitable climate to grow it.  And that is in California.

Majority of the artichokes grown in the US come from Monterey County and Castroville, California – the self-proclaimed “Artichoke Capital of the World.”  They even have artichoke festival each year to celebrate this plant’s uniqueness and versatility.

France, Italy and Spain on the other hand are the major European artichoke producers.

Harvesting of artichokes starts in the fall and continues until spring in the months of March up to May, artichoke’s peak production.  That’s the time when they are huge, fresh and free from any sort of defects.  Cold weather limits the growth of artichokes.

There is also a smaller crop produced in the month of October.

Currently, there are new artichoke varieties that can adapt pretty well in the climates of Maine and the Rocky Mountains.