Why Wine Does Not Go Well With Artichokes

It’s nice to pair off good food with good wine – that’s the way it normally is.  But in the case of artichokes, wine doesn’t really go well with it, at least not according to wine experts.

Why is it an exception to the rule?

A lot of factors affect the taste of any wine or food.  Aside from the ingredients, the method of preparation, temperature and other factors may bring out different tastes even with the same food or the same bottle of wine.

More so, when food and wine are paired.

The specific food you eat with wine can affect the perceived flavor and texture of the wine it is paired with — its acidity, sweetness and tannin.  What you are actually looking for when you pair them together is either to complement or contrast the flavor, intensity, weight, smell, and taste of the two, depending of course on which you prefer.

Simply put, the food should not overshadow the flavor of the wine and vice-versa.  Being strong-flavored, artichokes do just this.  They mask the true taste of wine.

When you eat artichokes, chemical changes occur in the taste buds which make the wine taste sweeter than it really is.  That’s why it is best to serve artichokes on their own.  Or if you want to drink wine, to pair it with food that has a neutral taste like pasta.

If you really would like to drink wine with artichokes, select a wine that has a high acidity like Chenin Blanc to offset the artichoke’s sweetening effect.